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Singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist Sara Wheeler plays acoustic folk rock music. She is currently in a new project with Toby May from Geneva Switzerland. Sara and Toby used to be in a band together and have reunited on her new CD project. They have co-written most of the songs and plan to tour after the CD is out. Sara has been traveling to Switzerland to complete her CD recording with Toby May who is producing the album. They also have Chris Drew and Tommy Dempsey playing on the project. Sara plays in a lot of alternate guitar tunings and uses Elixir Strings on all her acoustic guitars because they allow her to move more freely up and down the neck of her guitar. She plays Taylor Guitars and Ernie Ball electric guitars.

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Summer 2018 

It is summer June 29th 2018 and I am trying hard to get back into my creative life. Some of you only know me as a singer/songwriter but for a while now I have been running a music education company in Boston that I founded around the time my daughter was born. I wrote all the songs and curriculum for the program Little Groove LLC! www.babywiggle.com

There is always so much to do and definitely not enough time. I spend most of my days designing new ideas for the program and coming up some good ideas and…

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